Heavenly young cosmetic Products (HYPC) are created by a West African woman after years of researches to establish the relationship between nature and well-being. Our products target mature women age 50 plus, especially black women looking to regain their youthful appearance. Starting at 50 years of age, women are aware and concerned about their physical changes. Some manifest their frustration on their relatives, while others get depressed and let themselves go. Changes which are due but not limited to childbearing, menopause, family issues, health conditions, employment status, and so on, affected at least 80% of women. No woman would enjoy and appreciate a “sagging skin” or be happy because her skin lacks of its youthful elasticity. To solve the issues, we, women, desperately turn to harmful chemical-based products which sometimes worsen our conditions.

HYCP skin and hair care products are plant-based, natural, and vegan friendly. Whether it is your hair or your skin, we offer an alternative you would love and appreciate through a range of natural products. Should you be allergic to any ingredients in our products or would like your wig to be customized (hair texture, length, color), we got you cover; we are here to help! Should you need a piece of advice about how to care for your skin or yourself, your African sisters are a phone call or email away. Be proud of yourself Ladies, and embrace your beautiful and mature life.